A series of good news about the Metro Line No.1 lately have cheered up the spirit of city dwellers. The first metro station of HCMC with stunning design inspired by the Saigon Opera House’s unique architect has reached completion ahead of plan, featuring an underground paradise and set to open to public visits on April 30.

Other construction bidding packages are also near completion. As scheduled, Metro trains imported from Japan will arrive in HCMC to test run on Binh Thai – Long Binh Deport section this August. The municipal Urban Railway Management Board said it was speeding up all efforts to make sure the Metro line is put into operation as planned in 2021.

Promising signals from the Metro Line No.1 give rise to a bold opportunity for the real estate market alongside the Hanoi Highway to ramp up. Especially, Metro Star Shophouse with a skywalk directly linked to the Metro Station No.10 has been of great interest to international and professional investors in Vietnam.              

Metro Star Shophouses with a skywalk that directly connects to Metro Station No.10

Take advantage of the Metro line with this one-of-a-kind shophouse that connects directly to Metro Station No. 10

Metro Star Shophouse rises as a shining star and a golden investment opportunity to cash in on the superior advantages of the Metro line. Not only boasting the prime location right at the gateway of East Saigon and the conjunction with Belt Road No.2 through Pham Van Dong and Mai Chi Tho streets, surrounded by a crowded residential area, Metro Star Shophouse also links directly to the Metro Station No. 10 through a pedestrian overpass, making it a shopping and entertainment paradise that serve hundreds of thousands of visits from residents in HCMC and East Saigon area who make their way through the Metro Station No.10 every day.   

Metro Star Shophouse is located in the first Myeongdong-style shopping, dining and entertainment street in Saigon that is professionally designed and operated by leading experts from South Korea. This is a modern shopping space characterized by a complex of walking streets in zigzag pattern, bringing novel and unique experience to visitors in Vietnam.


Metro Star Shophouse – the first Myeongdong-style shopping, dining and entertainment street in Saigon

Not only being a hot spot of hundreds of renowned fashion and cosmetic brands, Myeongdong Vietnam at Metro Star is also a paradise for food lovers with a variety of premium restaurants and coffee shops from famous brands

Once Metro Line No.1 comes into operation, commuters and residents from central districts and alongside the Metro Line can easily join the dining and walking street and enjoy a Myeongdong-style shopping paradise right in Metro Star without worries about commuting time, traffic jam, or air pollution. 

Super attractive financial solutions for Metro Star Shophouse buyers

Currently, the developer of Metro Star is offering customers a lucrative investment opportunity with a wide range of preferential policies. Buyers will receive special financial support during this time of crisis with instant cash flow and limited initial investment capital.

Specifically, the developer pledges to rent the shophouse in three years in a row at an average monthly rental fee of US$5,000. Moreover, buyers will receive a deposit worth US$15,000 (equivalent to three-month rental rate) upon signing the leasing contract. At the same time, the developer commits to buying back the property after 24 months should the customer want to transfer the property.

Besides, the developer will support with the bank interest in the first one year, which means the buyer would receive the full value of US$15,000. Moreover, buyers will be introduced with potential retailers who would want to rent the shophouse, and the developer will support with part of the operation costs in the first three years, and based on market price in the following three years. 

Metro Star Shophouse is an unparalleled investment opportunity to greatly benefit from the Metro Line No.1

Thanks to its unique advantages and strong financial aids, Metro Star Shophouse is definitely an unparalleled investment opportunity to earn huge benefits from the Metro line. Globally, owing a shophouse with direct connection to a metro station is not only a proud proof of wise investment but also a guarantee for stable income and steady value increase. Therefore, it’s obvious that Metro Star Shophouse has become an irresistible attraction to professional investors who are ready to take the golden chance when the Metro Line No. 1 starts operation in 2021.